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It all started with...


Quentin Bayart

Computer Science

Back-end Developer - UI/UX Designer - Experienced Pizza Orderer - Surfer


Guillaume Boulanger

Industrial Engineering

Servers' Administrator - Linux - Arduino - Chrome Addon - LaTeX - Hiker


Florian Wahl

Industrial Engineering

Front-end Developer - Knowledge Management - Angular2 - Revenue Projector - Big check lover


Louise Siaud

Industrial Engineering

Project Management - Team Work - Customer Service - HTML/CSS - Runner

Who helped us

Thanks to...

... each and every person who helped us through the different steps, providing us feedback and great advice!

Clara Fernández-Miranda

Design Advisor

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What We Achieved

Our Awards

Nov. 17th 2016

3rd Prize - Chicago Innovation Challenge

The Knapp Entrepreneurship Center offered us the chance to turn our idea into a viable business model. We had just two months to complete a proposal from scratch.

Thanks to coffee, dedication, and a memorable sleepless night, we finished 3rd in our category.

HubRoad - Chicago Innovation Challenge Knapp Entrepreneurship Center

May 22nd 2017

Semi-Finalist - The French American Entrepreneurship Award

The French American Entrepreneurship Award (FAEA) is an annual startup competition. The Award was launched in 2008 as an initiative of Club600; its goal is to help young French American entrepreneurs launch their business ventures in the US and to provide guidance from experienced business leaders.

HubRoad - FAEA Semi-Finalist FAEA

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